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A Rhythm in Place

Last year when I was out of town I received an email stating I will be serving on the Indexs editorial team. I only offered my abilities as a page editor, but I soon found myself taking over many more responsibilities.

Considering that a team of sharp, hard-working editors and writers chose me, I felt honored to carry on with the position. I’m not certain if I’ll ever have the privilege of serving in such a position ever again, but I do know my experience this year pushed me beyond my limits. Everything, as our advisor Mark Campbell II would say, has been a learning experience.

Maybe it’s the musician in me who wants to speak, but I think once a rhythm is established everything else follows. I felt more momentum after seeing students in the cafeteria flipping through the paper, talking to a writer or editor excited to see a story in print, or knowing students were revved up after attending our Community Reflection or First Year Forum.

While I’m excited to graduate, I’m also grateful for the opportunities I’ve had. Certainly my ambition and attention has ebbed and flowed, but I’ve often been told about the Indexs achievements this year by students and faculty alike: there’s better, longer, and more investigative content; more consistent, organized, and aesthetically pleasing layout; a sleek independent website to publish news on the spot; and there’s been opportunities for our team to speak about our experiences in front of the campus community.

Regardless of whether I continue as a news reporter, or a songwriter, or something completely different, I’ve realized my experiences with the Index has taught me to look with a curious, inquisitive eye. Reporting has brought me out of the library into the greater community to look for stories to tell, and writing stories has sharpened my critical thinking skills.

I’ve experienced bountiful successes as well as failures, and, in hindsight, I’m able to learn from both my ups and my downs.

In spite of the challenges this year, we’re setting the right precedents. I’m excited to see Mallika Mitra and Katie Schmitz lead the paper as the new editor-in-chief team, because I think they’ll carry the Index from a group of writers who meet each week to a community.

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A Rhythm in Place