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Letter From the Editors

A More Engaging Index

It may be cloudy and cold, but above the chilled air is excitement. We’re ready for another active and rewarding year at Kalamazoo College. Whether you’re just starting your college career or already riding the roller coaster, you can count on the Index to frame the stories at K.

We’re not sure when the Index last printed an issue during first week, but it hasn’t been a tradition in recent years. So this marks a special day: this is a day showing our commitment in providing the highest quality paper we possibly can. It’s also a day to show improvement and growth.

Our primary responsibility as the school newspaper is to cover campus news and events, so we’re expanding our role from just printing every Wednesday of the quarter. The news doesn’t stop after we print an issue. Because of this, we are launching our independent website, thekzooindex.com, in addition to continuing our radio show we started last Spring.

Both the website and the first week issue took time, coordination, and effort to plan during the summer when the editorial board were scattered across the country, and, in some instances, across the world. Nevertheless, seeing students flip through the pages is our the biggest reward, and we want to contribute to the campus.

By providing stories outside of our printed issues, we hope to stimulate conversations and promote growth within the community. The Index should be a megaphone for voices on our campus, and this takes support. We have been depending on an engaged audience and written contributions to maintain our 137 year old newspaper.

It is our hope this next year creates new standards for the paper. We’re dedicating ourselves to serve the students. Please come to our First Year Forum called “Pressing Matters: Journalism Today” this Wednesday at 7:00 PM in room 308 of the library to join our discussion on how journalism enriches the liberal arts experience. Or, at least come grab popcorn and say hi to us at our table at K-Fest this Thursday on the Quad.

Journalism has enriched our lives, and we hope we can enrich your college experience.

Thank you.

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A More Engaging Index