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A Media Career Inspired by The Index

[Courtesy of Amanda Stitt]

Amanda Stitt was the type of first-year that wanted to do it all. She did not just join the College Democrats — she founded them. She did not just write for The Index — she was an editor. Her political activism has not only left a legacy at K, but led her to an incredible career.  

With The Index, Stitt was the photo editor, one of the last in that position to use analog photography and a dark room rather than digital photography. She started at K as a psychology major but quickly fell in love with campaigning and politics. After an American government professor told her class, “you think globally but you don’t think locally,” she went to work with Debbie Stabenow her junior year. Ultimately, Stitt’s media work for The Index manifested into a greater interest in fusing media with activism. Coupled together, these interests brought Stitt and her husband to found Change Media Group.

Change Media Group started in 2012 out of Lansing and is now home to 12 employees broken into a creative team, project members, and data drivers. Of her team, Stitt said, “we work with a lot of candidates and causes to help them engage with voters and donors so they can tell their story and what their vision is… we do a lot of that through video.” Change Media essentially links the candidate and their mission to ways in which most Americans can access that mission: through media. This is something Stitt has been doing since her college career.

Stitt has been especially busy with Change Media throughout the Trump administration with a large influx of individuals that are interested in running for office. However, Change Media also works with businesses, movements, and education organizations as well. For example, they have recently been working in Detroit to push for more career-line and trade schools so students can bounce into profitable jobs straight out of high school. They have also been supporting progressive movements to help decrease California’s rate of poverty, the highest in the United States.

Working at The Index largely formulated what she would be doing in her future with media, writing, and activism. Stitt said, “when I was there … The Index was a really unique and important voice for the campus.” Stitt describes how tense the climate at K was when she was here largely due to the murder-suicide in DeWaters her sophomore fall. All of the things that happened on campus afterwards made The Index a crucial voice on campus and not just a news outlet. She also said of K, “being a small lib arts school, we have the opportunity to have discussion big thing,” which is exactly what she is able to do now through her career. Stitt said lastly that she is incredibly proud to have graduated from K, a school that prepared her largely for the things that she would be doing in the future.

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A Media Career Inspired by The Index