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A Match Made in Roommate Heaven

Emma Eisenbeis and Mary Beth Arendash enjoy dessert in Hicks after dinner in the Cafeteria (Courtesy of Emma Eisenbeis)

Perhaps it was fate that brought Mary Beth Arendash K‘19 and Emma Eisenbeis K‘19 together. Perhaps it was just filling in similar answers to questions like, “How would you rate your cleanliness?” on the student housing application.

Not all roommates become the best of friends, or platonic soul mates, as Arendash and Eisenbeis describe their relationship, like the roommates of Trowbridge 205.

Eisenbeis says, “We first knew we were gonna get along when Mary Beth sent me a meme. We were both like, ‘Yeah, this is it.’”

Being able to get along and tolerate each other’s living habits may be all there really is to a successful roommate relationship, but being roommates means much more for this duo.

“Everyone has those friends with a mother/daughter dynamic. I am the distressed mother and Mary Beth is my child,” says Eisenbeis. Arendash follows with, “My mom thinks we are the power couple of Kalamazoo College.”

As an only child, Mary Beth never had to share a room with another person, so she didn’t know what to expect of the roommate situation.

The pair clicked the first time they met when both Michigan natives, Eisenbeis from Okemos and Arendash from Mattawan, decided to meet their fellow roommate at a coffee shop in Kalamazoo.

Eisenbeis says, “It wasn’t love at first sight when we saw each other because we didn’t even recognize each other on sight.” Arendash says, “We were actually in line together. I thought it was her, but I wasn’t sure. So I texted her.”

“That’s how you make friends. You don’t randomly approach people. You check first. You text them, ‘Can you please text me your GPS coordinates?’ Then you can know if it’s appropriate to make the first move once you’ve established that it is them,” Eisenbeis jokes.

Eisenbeis continues, “I think that it was indicative of our connection that I wasn’t annoyed just sitting there and being with her the whole afternoon.” Arendash says, “We didn’t run out of things to talk about. I don’t remember there ever being a time in our conversation where I was like, ‘Well, what do I do now?’”

Some of their daily adventures together consist of heated arguments about “Star Wars” and solo dance parties to music by Britney Spears and Fifth Harmony in their room.

On or off campus, there is never a dull moment with Arendash and Eisenbeis.

Eisenbeis says, “Honestly just doing anything with Mary Beth is an adventure. Hashtag quotable.”

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A Match Made in Roommate Heaven