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A Look at the Changing Commission

Student Commission President Cameron Goodall (Pictured Right) discusses the Commission's future at a Winter Quarter town-hall meeting. (Robert Manor / Index)

Student Commission (StuComm) has undergone changes with its suspension of non-essential tasks. Some of these changes are to facilitate new ideas of how StuComm addresses life at K, especially through a new concept of “working groups” that are meant for any K student to be included in making changes in conjunction with StuComm.

StuComm President Cameron Goodall ’15 said that participation in these working groups has drastically dropped, which causes making changes to be difficult.

“There were 100+ students at the first meeting held to gather student input,” said Goodall. “Then there were around 30 students at the next meeting. The following meetings after that only had a handful of students.”
Goodall would like more students to become involved because these working groups were created so that StuComm could be more representative of the student body. Students have proposed thoughts and ideas, but have not participated consistently.
Goodall wants students to be involved and present in implementing these ideas because this was StuComm’s original motivation for suspending non-essential tasks.
“We want this body to be for the students and created by the students,” Goodall said.
First-year Commissioner Elyse Kaplan ’18, spoke to updates with the StuComm budget, “we are currently in the process of deciding how student organization funding should work in the future.”
Kaplan said that they are hoping to learn about efficient ways of funding through existing policies at other colleges.
Even though participation may be low and there are no definite changes yet, StuComm is working to keep the student body happy.
“DoGL is still happening,” Goodall said. Unfortunately, he won’t offer any hints as to when it might be, but plans are to keep the event similar to last year.

“Information will be going out soon for those that may want to help get involved in events related to DoGL”.

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A Look at the Changing Commission