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A Letter to the Editor

In September of last year, I ran for Student Council full of hope and ambitions of contributing to making my new home of Kalamazoo College a better place. I ran with the vision of being involved in a group that would affect change and development in the campus community. I ran not to boast my resume, or for the title but because I wanted to be involved in something I thought would be meaningful.

My idea of meaningful work is not designing T-shirts to brag about my position. My idea of meaningful work is not spending an hour every Monday obsessing over titles and positions. My idea of meaningful work is not trying to force open a place for an organization, which is obsolete and unnecessary.

A long time ago I stopped going to Student Council meetings. After sitting through another wasted hour of intensely debating the name of a group that does nothing, I had had enough. I do take responsibility for not making my intentions clear but hope this public piece will resolve any withstanding issues. Additionally, I was disappointed with the way in which the organization reacted to my departure.

With that, I respectfully resign from Kalamazoo Student Government, and wish them the best in their future efforts. I hope they will prove me wrong and do something impactful.


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A Letter to the Editor