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A Call to Game Changers: Teach

For most seniors, it’s still too early to think about life after graduation. In the midst of writing SIPs, finishing up degree requirements, and enjoying senior life, sometimes looking for a job can be the last thing on your mind.

But, ready or not, adulthood is coming, and with it a big opportunity to challenge ourselves, learn and grow exponentially, and make a positive impact. No longer students, we have the chance to become teachers.

My own decision to join Teach For America took those close to me by surprise. But as I began thinking about what I’d do in my next chapter, I found myself fixated on how I got to my current one.

K was a place where I could play music without majoring in it, live in Manhattan for a term, and, on top of that, study abroad for six months in a foreign country! I had a wealth of opportunity at my disposal that gave me these amazing experiences and more.

While I grew up relatively well off with lots of resources at my fingertips, kids growing up in more economically challenged circumstances face a much rockier road.

Today, the quality of education a student receives depends largely on his zip code or her family’s income bracket. Whether you battled this inequality yourself, have come to understand it here on campus, or have long had your eye on working to combat it, as soon-to-be alums, we have the chance to be a part of changing it.

We can help students secure the resources, access, and support they need to help pave the way to and through K and other schools like it.  You can be one of many fighting to ensure that they get the chance to take intellectually-challenging classes, study abroad, do internships, and choose a future they desire.

I decided to join Teach for America with this in mind. I know the work will be incredibly challenging and I will have to partner closely with the teachers, parents, and communities who have been fighting for justice since long before I arrived. But I was blessed with a wealth of opportunity, and I feel it is my responsibility to use that privilege to create opportunities for others.

Teach For America was founded on the belief that all students, regardless of where they grew up, should have access to a quality education. I feel fortunate to have the chance to make a contribution to their work, the students I can’t wait to meet, and the much broader movement we’re all a part of. If you think you’d feel the same way, I hope you’ll consider it.

Bret Linvill ‘15 is an Economics major and an Index Contributor. He will be joining the 2015 San Jose corps as a bilingual elementary school teacher.

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A Call to Game Changers: Teach