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A Body for Every Body?

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Victoria’s Secret is notorious for having appalling body diversity. Walk into any store, and you’ll be assaulted with the images of their models, who are often the same height, weight, and shape.

The advertising the company uses to sell their bras is no better. Recently, Victoria’s Secret has gotten backlash from millions of people on the internet regarding their “Perfect Body” campaign.

In the past, the company has advertised one of their bra lines with the tag “The Perfect ‘Body’” displayed across various tall, thin, mostly white models.

Obviously, this tagline was problematic, and caused an explosion of body positivity activism across many channels of the internet.

After an extensive campaign across social media, Victoria’s Secret finally changed their tagline to “A Body for Every Body,” taking away the negative connotations of the advertisement.

However, the campaign is far from over. Even though the tagline has changed, the company has yet to amend the advertisement on their posters in the stores, nor has formal statement been released by the company regarding the change.

While it is nice to see Victoria’s Secret taking baby steps towards a new body positive image, it is far from enough. A more diverse array of models – both in body type, skin color, and size – as well as offering larger sizes of clothing and bras would help the company move into the world of body-positive marketing.

Is this a step in the right direction? Yes, but this is not all Victoria’s Secret – or any mainstream women’s apparel company for that matter – can do to promote a body positive image.

“A Body for Every Body” loses its powerful message when still displayed across what society sees as the “perfect woman.”

“A Body for Every Body” isn’t so great when a woman outside the size range Victoria’s Secret offers tries to find a bra for herself: the “Body” line only offers bras in cup sizes A to DDD, eliminating a large portion of the company’s potential market.

Victoria’s Secret has a lot of steps to take in order to be anything close to body positive.

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A Body for Every Body?