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iPhone 6 Hits Kalamazoo Campus

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Apple products are popular among Kalamazoo College Students. After the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 were released on September 19, most students with the new iPhones were already invested in Apple’s ecosystem. Some are encountering the iPhone as their first Apple product. This said, there are many reasons why a student would buy an iPhone.

For starters, the design is slick and minimal, according to Jacob Nickoloff ’17 said. While Apple is careful in crafting a brand, Austen Scheer K’14 said the iPhone 6 was the best phone to buy. Had there been a better phone, he would have bought it regardless of its brand.

But perhaps this is because of familiarity—it makes the decision easier. Colleen Corrigan K’17, who replaced her iPhone 4S for the iPhone 6, said “I just like iPhones, and I thought: well, I had an iPhone before, it’s time to get another one.”

Most students considered the bigger screen size of the iPhone 6 unnecessary. A few others, though, found the bigger screen useful. “At first I thought it was really big, but I adjusted to it,” said Arju Petal K’17 referring to his iPhone 6+. “When I looked back at my [iPhone 5], it looked small.”

Petal explained that he needed to adjust his grip when he wants to reach the top of the phone, a problem the accessibility feature in the iPhone 6 helped him remedy.

As for the upgraded operating system, most students considered it incremental and simple. “I don’t see a ton of changes,” said Corrigan. “There are word suggestions when you type, the camera is really nice, but there’s nothing that’s so different.”

Students encountered a few errors in iOS 8. The errors mainly affect users with older iPhones. “In any software release, there are going to be [errors],” said Petal. “But those [errors] are resolved pretty quickly.” Apple has already released two updates since iOS 8 release.

Shannon Irvine ’18 described her discontent for the iOS 8 update with comments on the constant app crashes and battery dips. When asked about Apple being innovative, she said no but thought that Apple does claim to be.

Sophomore Jakob Nickoloff responded to the idea of apples innovation with, “Without Apple, there would be no Android.”

iOS 8 has been running slow on older iPhone versions, but most students hope apple updates will fix such issues.

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iPhone 6 Hits Kalamazoo Campus