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9 Simple Ways to Take Your Dorm to the Next Level

1. Paper lantern it up

Paper lanterns are a fast, beautiful, and cheap way to spice up any bland dorm room wall. Some paper lanterns even have lanterns in them and can then be used as extra room lighting.


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2. Rearrange your furniture

Moving a piece of furniture from one side of the room can oftentimes make a huge difference. Try moving dressers under beds or turning your bed into a daybed for additional seating for friends.


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3. Think multifunctional

When buying dorm room furniture, the smartest thing you can do is pick pieces that are multifunctional. A futon, for example, can be used as a sofa during the day and a bed at night.


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4. Warm up those cold floors

Whether it’s a bathroom rug or a large room rug- you’ll be happy to have something fuzzy and warm under your feet, especially in the winter.


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5. Dress up your walls

Since you can’t decorate the walls with anything permanent, try adding decals where you need some extra flair. They add instant harm to neutral walls and are a cinch to remove when it’s time to move out.


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6. Add personality with artwork

Are you a painter? Photographer? Artist? Add some of your own artwork to the room to integrate your personality into your space. You can also get a variety of gorgeous, colorful, and one-of-a-kind artwork on boutique sites or at art fairs for an affordable price.


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7. Extra storage

Most dorm rooms come equipped with a closet and dressers. If that’s not enough space then bring in additional storage solution for clothes, shoes, and accessories. A mobile clothing rack can easily hold an abundance of hanging clothes or a storage shelf for accessories. Storage boxes come in handy for storing clothes that aren’t used as much or shoes. Also keep in mind not only practical storage, but also fashionable storage for a homier feel.


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8. Organize that desk!

Every dorm room needs an adequate place to work, and every desk needs the essentials for an effective study experience. Keep your workplace clean and organized by using extra organizing accessories or drawers.


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9. Make the room your own with an inspiration board

Hang a decorative memo board and use it to post things that inspire you and make you happy. Whether it’s photos of friends, a quote you like, a recipe, the inspiration board will help keep your spirits high.

Inspiration Board

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What are you waiting for? Time to redecorate!


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9 Simple Ways to Take Your Dorm to the Next Level