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Sophie Roberts K’16 on Going to College with Her Sibling

Sophie Roberts K’16 and Billy Roberts K’16 with their sister, Jamie. Two thirds of the triplets will graduate from K in the spring. Photos courtesy of Sophie Roberts (Photo Courtesy of the Roberts Family)

Sophie Roberts K’16 says she was the one who decided to come to Kalamazoo College first. But somehow, she and her brother Billy Roberts K’16 ended up at the same college.

“I had already applied before he even started looking into K,” she says.

For some people it might be weird being at the same college as their sibling, but Sophie says it is just her version of normal. After attending Plymouth High School in Canton, Michigan, both Sophie and Billy chose to move to Kalamazoo College in the fall of 2012.

After four years of high school together, Sophie doesn’t find being at the same college as her brother very strange. The only real difference is that they don’t see their sister, Jamie around here since she chose to attend a different college.

Just like in high school, Sophie says, they don’t really change what they do because the other is here, and they see each other around occasionally.

Since they have different interests, they hardly end up in the same class. Sophie is a Biology major and Billy double majors in Math and Business. However, there was one class, Dr. Cunningham’s “The Family”, that they took together.

“It was kind of funny because we were introducing ourselves and talking about our family structure and siblings. I mentioned I was a triplet but I didn’t say he was in the class,” says Sophie. “Everybody figured it out though because Billy brought it up.”

Thanks to different interests, they’ve never been in the same clubs, but they are both varsity athletes. Sophie runs cross country and Billy plays football.

“The only major thing that is different because Billy goes here too is people always fill me in on the gossip about any Billy on campus, but often it’s not my Billy,” she says. “They’ll be telling me this story and I’ll be thinking that ‘this isn’t like the Billy I know at all.”

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Sophie Roberts K’16 on Going to College with Her Sibling