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Spontaneous First-Year Stays on Her Toes

Emma Farrell likes exploring the downtown scene and exploring new restaurants like Just Good Food, a restaurant in Downtown Kalamazoo (Jennie Kwon / The Index)

“My parents never send me care packages. Maybe because I live thirty minutes away,” Battle Creek native Emma Farrell K’19 says.

Farrell is a first year on a pre-med track and hopes to be involved with community and global health in the future. Farrell pursues her passions through campus involvement by being a member of the cross country team, Kalamazoo College Democrats, and Kalamazoo College Climate Action Network (KCCAN).  Farrell says, “I like to get involved with clubs that take initiative.”

Farrell says she enjoys the dynamic of being a part of a Division III sports team: “It’s not as intense as it was in high school, and the team is not too cliquey. I’m able make new friends outside of the team which is nice. It’s a way to do something I love without being stressed out all the time.”

Along with seven other K students, Farrell recently drove up to Michigan’s capital, Lansing, to protest for the Flint water crisis.

“When we got there, there were people protesting on the stairs of the capitol building and also bringing water to donate. We [K students] started protesting outside the windows of the House of Representatives.”

She wishes more K students would’ve participated in the rally, saying, “We have trouble getting K people to go, which is kind of weird because many people will talk about the issues but won’t take action.“

Coming to college, Farrell has been able to explore a more adventurous side of herself.

“I have a lot of piercings. I want to get another one soon. My dad said he would cut me off if I got another one after my nose, but I got another one and haven’t told him yet. I got my nose pierced the first week I was here at K, and I got an industrial piercing this quarter.  It was a snap decision. I really love it, but I’m just waiting for the wrath of my dad right now.”

Farrell thinks others would describe her as wacky or clumsy: “This year I fell during every single one of my races and twice in one race.”

“She always stays with her beliefs. She doesn’t back down,” says fellow First-Year Tyler Harvey.

Garrett Sanders K‘19 says, “She is open-minded and always open to new information. I can always depend on her to watch a documentary with me whenever or listen to me when I have something to vent about.”

Overall, Farrell would describe herself as a person who likes to have fun and is open to new experiences. She lives her day to day life and approaches every situation with an open mind and adventurous spirit.

She says, “I’m not a skeptical person. Sometimes people think I make stupid decisions, but everything turns out alright.”

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Spontaneous First-Year Stays on Her Toes