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3/2 Engineering

3/2 Engineering Program Allows Students to Expand Horizons

The 3/2 Engineering program allows interested students to receive a Bachelor of Arts from Kalamazoo College and a Bachelor of Science from an engineering school. These engineering students would complete three years at K and two years at an ABET accredited engineering school such as Western Michigan University, University of Michigan and Washington University in St. Louis.

Winston Jones K’15 is currently in his second year at Western Michigan University, and will receive a degree in mechanical engineering in the spring of 2017. He is a third generation K student, and wanted to go to a smaller college.

“I learned of the 3/2 program and it sounded like I would have the best of both worlds, a strong liberal arts education from K College and an engineering specific education from an accredited engineering school,” Jones said.

At K, Jones took math classes from calculus to differential equations, as well as several physics classes, to complete prerequisites for WMU’s engineering courses. Though WMU is not the ideal engineering school for the two years, Jones wanted to go there because of its proximity to K, familiarity with the campus and area, and its recognition as the fourth best engineering school in Michigan.

“Adjusting to 4 or 5 classes a semester was an interesting and time consuming experience, so I’ve kept my hands full with coursework in my duration at Western,” Jones said. “I need to complete one more year of coursework in order to complete my mechanical engineering degree at Western. If I want a job as an engineer, I need my BS degree from an ABET accredited engineering school–otherwise my job search would be pretty tough.”

Typically, students take two years at an engineering school, but due to taking a slightly different course sequence, Jones is taking a third year. Despite this, he still got to walk with his class of 2015, and cites his time at K as a challenging one.

“K College is tough for pretty much every program,” Jones said. “Not many other schools use a quarter system and cram an entire course into a 10-week period. The program was fast paced at K but it’s something that every student has to experience and it makes us better for facing and handling challenges both in school and for the rest of our lives.”

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3/2 Engineering Program Allows Students to Expand Horizons