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Will that be cash, card, or munch money?

From a Barista

I often make the joke that I live in the coffee shop, and that’s pretty much true. I usually spend at least half my time on campus behind the bar or at the tables outside the book club.

While that’s definitely helped my cappuccino-making skills, it’s also made me aware of how little things customers do can really make or break a coffee shop rush.

I’m writing this so that everyone who comes into the coffee shop and loves their baristas can do their part to make our shift go smoothly.

First things first, our credit card machine is slow. It’s so incredibly slow that, in the time it takes me to run your card, I could have processed two or three cash or munch money orders.

Not only does this slow me down, but it really slows you down, especially when you just want to get a coffee refill.

That said, I totally understand that carrying cash around can be tough. Luckily, there’s a solution: K cash!

It’s essentially munch money you can get without an attached meal plan. You can refill it whenever it gets low, so you don’t have to worry about running out mid-quarter, and it’s tax free! You’ll be saving money and cutting your wait time dramatically.

Another thing is please put your cellphones and headphones away when you are ordering, this includes texting as well. Not only is it common courtesy, but it’s frustrating when we are trying to talk to you and you’re invested in your music or other conversation.

Next, frozen drinks take more time to make than hot drinks. Please do not ask for a frozen hot chocolate and expect to be in and out before class starts. Especially as the warm weather convinces everyone that a frozen drink is necessary, the time between when you order and when you receive your drink is going to get longer.

Please be patient with us, we are working as fast as we can, I promise.

Also, when our espresso machine breaks down, we can’t make you lattes or hot chocolates. Please don’t complain in the coffee shop about it, even if you’re joking. Odds are we are already incredibly frustrated and tired of hearing about it.

Instead, order a coffee and say thank you, we’d really appreciate it.

Finally, tip your baristas. We are broke college students just like you that are trying to make ends meet. My tips go directly to my grocery budget. Even if it’s just the twelve cents of change I just gave you, everything adds up in the end.

Hope that these little tidbits reach you, lovely caffeine-loving students, and you choose to help a barista out.

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Will that be cash, card, or munch money?