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Traveling in “Pure Luxury” While Studying Abroad

A view of Lake Zurich (Janelle Grant / The Index) A view of Lake Zurich (Janelle Grant / The Index)

While traveling with a group is not a new concept at all, I believe that my fellow adventurers will be an integral part in my study abroad memories.

Eric De Witt K’17 had a meeting in Zurich, Switzerland with a fancy watch company for a potential Senior Individualized Project opportunity and, being the amazing study abroad adventurers that we are, Janay Johnson K’17, Noah Bramlage K’17, and I decided to join him on his journey.

The bus left about three hours from the time in which we purchased our tickets. This should’ve been the first sign that our trip to Zurich would be…memorable.

After our voyage, the four of us found our AirBNB apartment that had a sign titling the building, “Linda’s Beauty Rooms”. At this point, we were happy to have each other because we weren’t really sure what these “beauty rooms” would entail.

Once inside what Linda sold to us as “pure luxury,” she asked for another 700 in cash in Euros, Swiss Francs, or U.S. Dollars because they were all the same to her. Quickly, we made a decision to exchange our tickets so we could return to Strasbourg late the next day.

We woke up extremely early the next day, left Linda a message, contacted AirBNB, left the keys on the table, and promptly made our way out.

Thankfully, we did a have a successful 10 hours in Zurich. We were able to walk around the city, see Lake Zurich and the Alps.

Together we learned that Zurich may not be for four students studying abroad on a budget. The only meal we could justify buying was from McDonald’s where the average meal cost us 11 Swiss Francs. That was our third and final epiphany: at this point, we were ready to be back in Strasbourg.

All in all, I was very happy to explore the “pure luxury” that is Zurich with three others. Our very different personalities and reactions to experiences made the trip even more unique.

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