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Students and Teachers Protest DOGL

When the bells rang and the email was sent out announcing the Day of Gracious Living (DOGL) would be May 20, a Friday, most students rejoiced and prepared to enjoy the three-day weekend. There were some students who instead took this as a signal to organize a protest of this school day off.

The leaders, Charlie Killjoy K’16 and Marsha Schoolforever K’17, have been active before in their resistance of DOGL in their years here at Kalamazoo College, organizing study sessions on DOGL 2014, or asking their professors to assign all the classwork as homework in order to make up for the day off in 2015, but this is their most extreme action yet.

Students were already against DOGL for various reasons, ranging from thinking the name DOGL is misleading, as there are no dogs provided by the school, to thinking breaks from school prevent them from bragging about how little sleep they got as they now did not have to turn in that paper that they left until the last minute. Other complaints included the timing of the day off, as Monday looked to have better weather, and that DOGL happened far too randomly.

With the support of students like this, Killjoy and Schoolforever organized a sit-in of the classes, believing they would force classes to continue. Unfortunately for them, they had not contacted all of the professors, and only around half of them actually supported the movement. Professor Schnesberger said, “Listen, I planned for this in the syllabus. I knew some day would be off, and to be honest, I want to go to the beach too.”

This did not hinder the movement, as those students who went without a teacher simply sat in the room, pretending to take notes as if the teacher were there. Those who did have a teacher carried on their normal behavior, but reportedly have around 20 people each to give their notes to.

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Students and Teachers Protest DOGL