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Students Present on Trip to NYC to Network with K Alumni in the Finance Industry

K2BA Participants answer questions about their NYC networking experiences (Andrew Parsons / The Index) K2BA Participants answer questions about their NYC networking experiences (Andrew Parsons / The Index)

Dozens of students attended Tuesday’s “K to the Big Apple” presentation, an event, which featured six current Kalamazoo College students and their Spring Break experiences of meeting with alumni in New York City.

The program, inspired by CCPD’s “K to the Bay” initiative, a program which seeks to connect Kalamazoo College seniors with San Francisco alumni, funded seven students of varying majors on a trip to New York City, where they held networking and question and answer events with alumni in the financial and investment banking industries and toured facilities such as the Huffington Post and Citigroup headquarters.

“I know my skills…[but I needed to know how could I apply them],” said Josh Vance K’18, who is pursuing a Business and English double major.

Each participant went through an application process, which involved a resume and cover letter review as well as phone interview with a former alumnus.

After officially holding conferences with 19 K alumni, and meeting many others along the way, participants took away “valuable lessons” with the “understanding [of] the importance of thank-you notes, email follow-ups, and networking through LinkedIn.”

“The hardest part for a K grad is to get the interview; if you get the job, you’re fine, because K teaches how to learn,” said the group, referencing advice they had heard from an alumnus.

The participants stressed the importance of career opportunities at small companies, explaining that “internship and early job experience matters,” as does “making time for your passions.”

“Find a mentor early on,” explained one participant contributing to the presentation’s focus on networking, “people are so willing help.”

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