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Student Representative Roundup: Miranda Flores-Tirado and Shivani Rana

Shivani Rana, K’19 [Shivani Rana / The Index] Shivani Rana, K’19 [Shivani Rana / The Index]

Meet First-Year Representative Miranda Flores-Tirado,

“My personal goal for this year is to help set up a foundation that we can continue to build upon in the future. It’s great to be a part of the process for restructuring K’s student government and I hope to contribute some of the knowledge I’ve gained from working with other student governments in the past.

I know it is impossible for just me to represent the needs of the entire class of 2020, which is why I’m glad there are other representatives to give their perspectives. I believe, with all of our voices in a position to speak up, we will be able to represent the diverse community K has gathered.

Transparency is an issue for any government. I want to fix this issue at K. I want students to feel free to talk to me, in person or email, and tell me about their issues. If they have any questions about our student government, they are welcome to ask me. I think accessibility can really help transparency.

I look forward to giving my peers a voice in the goings on at K. I think that’s the best part–knowing you’re contributing to an informed decision full of different perspectives.”

Miranda Flores-Tirado, K’20 [Miranda Flores-Tirado / The Index]

Miranda Flores-Tirado, K’20 [Miranda Flores-Tirado / The Index]

Meet Sophomore Student Representative Shivani Rana

“My personal goal for this year is to become a person that students can come to for help. Specifically, I want to create a much more comfortable campus that helps students feel included and able to succeed in any way, almost as safety net.

I also hope to create a closer and more comfortable network between students and faculty at K college. From previous years and the dismantle of the student commission, strong tension between the students and the faculty members has built up. I hope that as my time as student representative that I can help alleviate this tension and help increase the faith faculty members have in us students and vice-versa.

I look forward to seeing a whole new group of students interacting with one another for the benefit of K College and the student body. I hope to see the innovation that all brought us here to K and the dedication to reconstruct a better body of Student Representatives.”

Shivani Rana, K’19 [Shivani Rana / The Index]

Shivani Rana, K’19 [Shivani Rana / The Index]

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