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Student Funding Board Facilitates Off-Campus Learning

This past March, four members of The Buzz-National Broadcasting Society (NBS) attended the NBS Convention in Burbank, Calif. NBS is a national organization whose mission is to prepare college students for careers in media.

Kaylah and Kylah Simmons K’17 attended the conference and found it beneficial to network with industry insiders as well as other students. The group got the opportunity to network with filmmaker John Davies K’75.

“One of the great benefits for me is meeting an alum in LA and learning about his experiences,” said Kylah. “The conference was a great way for us as a club to learn more about opportunities and bring that back to and tell other students about the conference who may be interested in the media field.”

At the time, funding for the conference was supplied by the Office of Student Involvement and the student activity fee, but a newly created Student Funding Board will allocate funds to student organizations. Starting next year, the SFB aims to approve all student organization funding in the fall.

“It will make it a lot easier to know that we are using the budget responsibly and to give people as much money they need for their trip,” said the SFB Office Coordinator, Elyse Tuennerman K’18.

Student Organizations will be required to attend a training session which covers logistics planning.Through this the SFB hopes that organizations will understand why they may be turned away for funding.

“As far as funding goes, K is very generous, compared to a lot of other [Great Lakes Colleges Association] schools,” Tuennerman said. “A lot of other colleges require student organizations to come up with their entire budget for the following year in spring of the previous year, so we are much more generous.”

Currently all off-campus trips have to be planned a month in advance, so OSI can schedule the right amount of staff support, as well as cut costly last-minute expenses. The only source of funding for these types of events is through the student activity fee, so a lot of stress is placed on SFB. Tuennerman encourages students to plan ahead in order to alleviate some of the stress for SFB and OSI.

Kaylah says her experience was worthwhile, and encourages other student organizations to apply for funding for conferences as well.

“I think everyone should go on conferences like this. It helps you prepare yourself for when it’s time to graduate,” Kaylah said.

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Student Funding Board Facilitates Off-Campus Learning