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Rocky Horror Incorporates Audience

The cast of The Rocky Horror Show dances after they bow to the crowd who gave a standing ovation. The cast of The Rocky Horror Show dances after they bow to the crowd who gave a standing ovation.

Entering the Festival Playhouse of Kalamazoo College, audience members of The Rocky Horror Show grabbed a white paper bag, filled with confetti, a newspaper, a party horn, and a rubber glove.

With these props, audience members were allowed to participate in the play by placing the newspaper sheet over their heads as the theater produced rained inside, snapping the glove, blowing on the noisemaker when Frank’s creation was presented, throwing confetti during the wedding, and shining cellphone flashlights during select songs. This interaction made the audience feel like a part of the play.

This science-fiction show with its eccentric characters kept the audience laughing. With Rocky’s dashing looks and sparkling pants, the audience reacted with a roar of laughter.

Showing the crowd eight fingers when Dr. Frank-N-Furter clearly stated, “seven,” caused the audience to laugh, as this actor fulfilled the role of his goofy character. Columbia’s elongated and exaggerated screams after Eddie’s death was humorous as well, captivating the audience’s attention.

The conservative couple Janet and Brad awkwardly danced during the song Time Warp. Their low arm pumps and shaky shoulder movements showed their discomfort, fitting their quirky personalities.

Not only were the actors humorous, but the audience’s participation and comments caused a ripple of laughter throughout the crowd as well. Every so often, the actors on stage would make a witty remark to an audience member’s statement.

“I liked it! I wasn’t expecting the interaction and the audience dressing up too,” Ravi Nair ’20 said.

With a full audience in the theater, students, staff members, and people from the Kalamazoo community gathered together to enjoy this musical. Many viewers were impressed with the students’ acting, singing, and organized dancing.

Those involved with the play clearly spent a lot of time working on it, with rehearsals being Sunday to Thursday from 6:30-10:00. The cast and crew have worked very diligently on this play, which is why the production was phenomenal.

Zoe Michele ’20 said, “Even though it was on a smaller scale, it was a very good production! Those heels, too!”

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Rocky Horror Incorporates Audience