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New Study Abroad and Study Away Programs Announced

The Kalamazoo College Center for International Programs has announced two new study away programs in Chicago and Washington D.C. and one new study abroad program in Cairo, Egypt. The Chicago program focuses on arts, entrepreneurship, and social justice. Margaret Wiedenhoeft, Acting Director for the Center for International Programs, feels the addition of this program will appeal to many students because of the location as well as an internship and courses in these three fields.

“The goal is to help students get to know Chicago and all the positive and negative [aspects] and all of the struggles that they are going through right now and have a better understanding of a city, and city issues such as gentrification, police brutality, representation of everyone in neighborhoods,” Wiedenhoeft said.

The CIP had heard from colleagues and students that developing an opportunity to go to Washington D.C. would be of interest. The Washington D.C. program, like the Chicago program, focuses on an internship possibly at a local government agency or a non-profit organization. The program focuses on politics and public policy and speakers from the D.C. area talk to the students to help them develop their skills.

While the Egypt program is not new, Cairo has become a group two Non-K program which is more financially accessible for students. In the past, this program was group three, which did not allow for financial aid to be transferred, limiting the number of students who participated in this program.

With the addition of these programs, Kalamazoo College decided to suspend the Philadelphia program for one year because of decisions Hope College made. Hope College manages the program and they made a decision about personnel in that program based on Hope’s values but not consistent with Kalamazoo College’s values.

“We still wanted students to have experience in a city and one of the reasons we have the Chicago program is because of the suspended relationship with the Philadelphia program,” Wiedenhoeft said.

Jasmine Charter-Harris K’16, a CIP Peer Advisor, helps to inform first-years of the programs offered that are of interest to them and assists sophomore students with the application process for study abroad and study away programs.

“With the new study away programs being offered for the fall and winter quarters, the CIP peer advisors can provide more detailed information of each program as well as help students look for internships for each program,” Charter-Harris said.

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New Study Abroad and Study Away Programs Announced