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K Trainer Runs Students Into Ground

Bootcamp students pass out after workout. (Ayla Hull / The Index) Bootcamp students pass out after workout. (Ayla Hull / The Index)

Kalamazoo College Bootcamp instructor Carrie unintentionally caused serious injuries to her students last week, when they were unable to match her high stamina and physique.

One Bootcamp student, Jackie Arroyo K’19, commented on the instructor’s fitness, “Carrie is just so fit. It’s like she’s a superhuman or something—she can do triangle pushups while carrying both of her children! That’s just not something you can compete with.”

Arroyo shared that Thursday’s workout was an especially intense one, on an especially hot day. “Luckily my legs weren’t injured so I made it to the Health Center, but I know others who weren’t as lucky,” Arroyo said.

Another survivor, Kimberly Yang K’19, shared her story in an interview with The Index: “After class on Thursday, I made it to the stairs behind Harmon Hall, and then I just collapsed. I blacked out and when I woke up, my legs were useless. I would have called 911, but I didn’t have my phone on me. I lay there for what I would guess was about three hours when, finally, someone found me and called an ambulance.” With both her legs broken, and serious damage to her ribs, Yang has been receiving medical care at Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo, Mich.

Carrie shared her deepest regrets in underestimating her students in the Kalamazoo community, “What has happened is a tragedy. But once healed, these students will emerge stronger and more ready to train than ever.”

Seven students including Yang are currently being held indefinitely in Bronson Methodist Hospital, while another five have become regulars in the college Health Center until their injuries completely heal. The status of two students currently remains a mystery, as the college refuses to comment on their whereabouts or well-being. Carrie will continue to offer Bootcamp regularly, although she claims she may “tone it down” in the future.

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K Trainer Runs Students Into Ground