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Humans of K: Robert Davis

Robert Davis K’ 19 hopes to explore the theater department at K (Sarena Brown / The Index)

Robert Davis K’19 loves balloons. At least that’s what he loves most about his Party City job back in his hometown of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“Blowing up the balloons is so much fun! I also really like seeing the excitement on kids’ faces when they see Candy City, the candy department,” he says.

Davis is the second youngest of three siblings, and also has two Pekinese dogs. A self-proclaimed “Theater Geek”, he does not plan on staying with Party City for much longer.

“I hope to be involved with English and Theater in some magnitude, whether it’s on the side or my main job.”

He has a jumpstart on both creative outlets through the courses he is taking at K this term: Stagecrafters, Queer Black History, and Beyond Realism. Last term, after taking his first year seminar, Against the Current, Davis grew to appreciate the professor, Ed Menta.

“He cares an awful lot and you can tell.”

Davis also hopes to become more involved with the College’s Theater department. However, he has still made sure to inject both aspects into his life whenever possible.

When not writing or at the theater, one might find him jamming out to Owl City or Lany in his dorm with a few friends. In those moments, he remembers what he most admires in other people: “Genuine happiness. And not the dictionary definition… Genuinely happy people radiate. They spread the happy. We need more of that.”

Later, Davis reflected on what he loves about himself.

“To be honest, I most admire my creativity,” Davis says. “As a writer and actor, I feel safe in the fantasy world. I let my imagination run wild, and for now, I don’t want this part of myself to change… As Adam Young of Owl City sings, ‘Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn’t want to live there’.”

Above his bed hangs another quote that Davis loves. Spoken by Alan Turing of the Imitation Game, this quote serves of an everyday reminder of motivation and self-care.

“‘Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine’… Because I sometimes feel inadequate. This helps remind me that… I am still capable of becoming something.”

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  1. Rosa (Abbott) Brasel // January 15, 2016 at 1:19 AM // Reply

    Robert is an amazing young man. I got to know him more his senior year at Sierra. He is going to do something great with his talents. His name will someday be a household word. Good luck Robert!! Break a leg!!

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Humans of K: Robert Davis