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Do A Little Dance

From Thursday, April 21, to Saturday, April 23, Frelon will present their spring show in Dalton Theater at 8 p.m. The show’s title is “Do A Little Dance” and will feature 24 dances from student choreographers, as well as a special step performance. This year’s Frelon directors include seniors Andriana Evangelista, Shadi Larson, Billie Heard, Kelly Treharne, and sophomores Oluchi Ebere and Carlos Arellanos.

The theme of the show, “Do a Little Dance,” is focused on how “everyone has a little dance in them,” Ebere K’18 said. “You don’t have to be like Michael Jackson or anything—none of us are Michael Jackson. It’s bringing out that little aspect of dance in you even if you can only do a little ballet. It all ties down to what Frelon is about, which is the community and everybody coming together or just dancing.”

Ebere said it was difficult to find the title for the show.

“We look at bigger picture, not specifically the songs they’re doing,” she said. “We have so many different [types] of dances, and it’s so diverse, and you don’t want to take away from it by putting some sucky name. We figured out what kind of dances are being shown in the show and how best can we tie them all together.”

Ebere and Arellanos are the first-ever sophomore Frelon directors. A director last year discovered Ebere when she was teaching a dance through KalamAfrica and asked Ebere to join her dance. For last year’s spring show, Ebere choreographed her first dance.

“I felt like, coming from Houston, I couldn’t relate to anyone here, but in dancing, I can relate to everybody, because we’re all doing the same moves and having fun,” she said. “That was the reason I kept doing Frelon.”

From last year to this year, Ebere has noticed a change in Frelon.

“[In past years], it was mostly ballet and lyrical. Last year, and even more this year, there’s more diversity,” Ebere said.

Some of the dances include Persian, belly dancing, African, and hip-hop.

“That’s the beautiful thing about it,” Ebere said. “People are becoming more willing to become involved and willing to choreograph a dance. It just makes the show so much more interesting.”

Ebere said that there are things that Frelon is doing that have not been done before.

“Dance is a beautiful thing,” Ebere said. “I love music, and seeing people dance to the music is even better, because it’s visual and you see moves to the music. If you have a friend in the show, come support them. It just makes you happy and more confident when you’re performing [when you heard friends cheering for you]. I think it’s going to be a really great time.”

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Do A Little Dance