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Closing a Chapter

2015-2016 Editors Mallika Mitra and Katie Schmitz (Janelle Grant / The Index) 2015-2016 Editors Mallika Mitra and Katie Schmitz (Janelle Grant / The Index)

When we took on the role of Co-Editors-in-Chief at the end of our junior year, we had two main goals for The Index: to publish a more diverse newspaper that truly represented the Kalamazoo College student body and to create a space in which students could learn about all aspects of journalism from one another.

We have worked hard all year to profile people from all different areas of the K community and to cover events that have previously not had attention from the newspaper. We have constantly devoted ourselves to publishing writing that pushes boundaries while maintaining journalistic integrity.

None of this would be possible without the openness of the community we have attempted to write about and for. Having K faculty and staff members so willing to be interviewed by new journalists has been essential to our growth as a newspaper. Having fellow students share their stories with us, the fun and the difficult, has been invaluable in our enhancement of a publication that has been around for 138 years. Having the backing of our professors in various academic departments, the College Communication Staff, and the Office of Student Involvement has been just the support The Index has needed to get through tough times. So we would like to thank members of the community who have read the newspaper, who have sent us story ideas, who have granted us interviews, and who have challenged us to be better. We appreciate your help while working towards achieving our first goal.

As for our second goal, we have been thrilled with the work that our writers, editors, photographers, layout designers, and the website team have produced. They have thrived both individually and collaboratively, and have produced both a print and online publication each week without fail. They have overcome challenges, accepted both positive and negative feedback of their work, and pushed themselves and the rest of the team to do their best. We are happy to see students who have had no experience with journalism stepping up and taking assignments that they knew would be difficult, and finding success. So, to our wonderful staff, thank you for your time, your diligence, your constant encouragement of those around you, your willingness to challenge yourselves, and your willingness to challenge us.

Although we are happy with The Index, we know there is always more work to be done. We are excited to leave the newspaper in the hands of Janelle Grant K’17 and Janay Johnson K’17 who we have no doubt will continue to mold the newspaper into a something the K community can use trust and be proud of.

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Closing a Chapter