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CCPD Announces New Internship Program

Joan Hawxhurst speaks with Andrew Rajzur (Mia Orlando / The Index) Joan Hawxhurst speaks with Andrew Rajzur (Mia Orlando / The Index)

After an unsuccessful revision to the internship stipend portion of the Field Experience Program last year, the Kalamazoo College Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) has announced the institution of a new internship program.

The new CCPD Internship Program (CCPD-IP), which replaces the Field Experience Program, aims to “clarify, simplify, and make the internship application process as transparent and easy for students as possible,” said CCPD Director Joan Hawxhurst.

The new program will function similarly to how the Field Experience Program has in the past, with one of the most notable changes being that students will once again be able to apply for stipends for summer internships that are not sponsored by the CCPD. This year, approximately 50 stipends for the amount of $3,000 each will be given out on a rolling basis.

According to Hawxhurst, the creation of the CCPD-IP was prompted by concerns voiced by students and faculty members last year, after changes to the Field Experience Program left students unable to receive funding for internships that were not sponsored by the CCPD. Due to lack of student interest, several stipends went unused when internship positions that had funds set aside were not filled.

“We decided to step back and try to look at this from a student perspective,” Hawxhurst said. “Students will find the things they are most interested in and request money from those.”

Stipend applications for each application cycle are due on the 15th of each month (except for December), starting in October and ending in April. The CCPD hopes that this system will encourage students to start looking for summer opportunities as early as Fall Quarter.

Applications will be reviewed by a committee consisting of a staff member from the Arcus Center, a faculty member from the Experiential Education Committee, and a staff member from the CCPD. All students will receive feedback on their application, and, if denied funding initially, will have the chance to revise their application and re-apply during the next application cycle.

“We’re hopeful that the combination of disconnecting stipends from internships and then having several sets of deadlines will allow students to have a more custom experience that makes sense for them,” Hawxhurst said.

More information about the CCPD-IP, including information about application workshops, deadlines, and restrictions, can be found on the CCPD website.

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CCPD Announces New Internship Program