Kalamazoo, MI
one-hundred-forty-one Years of Service to the Student


The Index was founded by a group of Kalamazoo College students in 1877 as The College Index.  True to its name, the publication originally offered a catalogue of student and faculty information along with a small selection of short stories and poems.  But in 1915, The College Index completely devoted itself to the regular publication of a student newspaper.

Today, The Index produces a weekly print publication during each academic term, and curates exclusive web content on this site.


The Index and its staff strive to serve the students of Kalamazoo College above all else.

The Index also aims to entertain and inform its readership through its weekly print publication and online counterpart.  Where appropriate, The Index further intends to provide commentary worthy of guiding its student readership in the most thoughtful and communally beneficial direction.

The Website

The Index’s website was established and coded during the summer of 2014 by Publication Manager Graham Key to promote the paper’s growth on journalism’s newest frontier: the web. It is our hope that this site can further our mission to serve the students of Kalamazoo College by catering to an increasingly digital lifestyle.