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#ProjectKGlam Makes Makeup and Style Accessible

Panelists image: Student make-up enthusiasts team up for Project K Glam in preparation for Monte Carlo 2016 (Elizabeth Fiator / The Index)

On Thursday, Feb. 18, a group of students sat on a panel to aide Kalamazoo College students in their preparations for Monte Carlo and their daily lives. The panelists included Oluchi Ebere K’18, Honey Sumon K’16, Madalyn Grau K’16, Marlytt Garrido K’16, and Emily Salswedel K’16 who all contributed to giving students advice on makeup and style. This event also featured the chance for people to learn how to tie a tie for which Ebere contacted Christopher Francis K’17.

Ebere was the key player in organizing this event, “I was sitting and going to post on Facebook about learning how to do makeup [when I realized] that it would limit the impact for it if it was just me so I got in contact with other awesome [and] beautiful women to come together to make it an event.”

“[I wanted] to make sure that I filled every race and ethnicity [for this event],” Ebere continued. “I asked [Sumon and Salswedel] for their opinion and continued to get in contact with all the panelists through [the span of the two-day mid-winter break].”

Salswedel described the makeup brand used for this event. “[e.l.f. has] affordable makeup products, [which we bought] in bulk so that we could cater to all different ethnicities.”

“I do [makeup] for myself,” Garrido explained as makeup has been a outlet for stress management for her “especially this year, [as I’m a senior], and everyday is really stressful.”

“[Makeup] is my way of doing art,” Ebere said. “I know a little bit about makeup, [so] this is my way of giving back to the K community and to those who might not have access to makeup.”

After the panel, volunteers for the audience were given the chance to get their makeup done.

One audience member, Karina Duarte K’18 commented that this event “made me reexamine the reasons people wear makeup and why I started.”

A piece of advice from the experienced panelists was “whatever [makeup] you have, try to make it work for you. [It’s not about] the brands, but the quality of them,” Ebere said.

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#ProjectKGlam Makes Makeup and Style Accessible