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Psych Professor Dr. Perry balances her career at K with her three children: Eleanor, 2; Lilly, 4; and Finn, 4 m/o (Photo Courtesy of Dr. Perry)

Psychology professor, Dr. Jennifer Perry, balances her career at Kalamazoo College and her full time job as a mother to her son, Finn, and her two daughters, Eleanor and Lilly.

Finn: Hi there! I’m almost 4 months old, so I don’t have any teeth yet, but people tell me all the time that I have a killer smile and an infectious giggle! Oh, and not to brag, but I am the best hand-chewer around! I prefer my own hand, of course. I can actually fit my entire fist into my mouth, but that’s mostly because I don’t have the coordination to separate my fingers very well. It’s a work in progress! So far my greatest achievement in life has been figuring out how to grab a blanket and put THAT into my mouth! Developing motor skills is so exciting! My mom is starting to worry about me getting a hold of my older sisters’ toys and sucking on them, which can be hazardous at times. She understands that I’m going through the oral stage of development. She’s so smart! Being the third child is pretty chill, except my siblings can be a bit of a handful. Sometimes they play rough, but I still have two eyeballs, and that’s really all I can hope for!

Eleanor: Hey, I’m Elie, and I’m two years old! I think dress-up is super fun, especially as Rapunzel or Minnie Mouse! This week, I’ve been really into tying pretty scarves around my ponytail and pretending that I have long, flowing hair. The only issue is when I get my mom’s scarves a little dirty when she wants to wear them. She’s so generous and understanding, though! I love my parents. My mom and dad think that my spirit animal is a Sparkly T-Rex, because I’m charming and cheesy and sweet a lot of the time, but I can also fend for myself! They know me so well, and I totally agree with them. I’m pretty bold.

Lilly: Hey everyone! I’m the oldest, and at four years old, I think I have a lot going on for myself. I’m the more serious and sensitive child. I have a passion for accessorizing and making my own jewelry! Sometimes, when my parents go out, I help my mom pick out the best necklaces to wear. She trusts my taste. When it comes to making my own things, I like to glue little objects onto beads and turn them into necklaces or bracelets! But I’m learning that not all art is permanent, especially when the stuff I glued on starts to fall off! My teachers say that I’m exceptionally good at using scissors, too! I guess that’s a nifty skill I picked up from my dad, because my grandma told me that when mom was my age, she needed extra help in that department. You could say I’m crafty. I’m also interested in science! I got the coolest presents for  Christmas this year: a microscope and a real fish-fossil! I love playing with my microscope, and I also love making potions! My mom supervises, of course. She lets me use vinegar, baking soda, and food coloring as my main ingredients. You can probably tell that my parents are nerdy scientists. That’s where I get it from! Just like my sister, Lilly, I’ve started to like Dinosaurs a lot! It’s probably because our favorite show is “Dinosaur Train” on PBS. If I were a dinosaur, I would probably be a Fancy Brontosaurus. Thanks for getting to know me and my siblings a little better! We don’t really understand what K College is yet, but we can tell that our mom loves her job and her students! Good luck with your exams, whatever those things are!

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