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Student Funding Board Candidacy Statements

Editor’s Note: Elections for the Student Funding Board responsible for allocating a portion of the Student Activity Fee will be held on Friday, January 15th. Students will be able to vote online, through a link that will be sent out via K email. The following students are running in this election:

Karina Duarte (Class of 2018, Co-Chair Eligible)

HELLO! My name is Karina Duarte and I am running to be one of the Co-Chairs of the Student Funding Board. I am a sophomore at the college and in my first year I was lucky enough to spend about two quarters on the Financial Policies Committee looking over budget requests, meeting with StuOrgs to discuss funding, and voting on the allocation of the Student Activity funds. My position on the committee was incredibly rewarding and taught me what questions to ask and what information to look for when considering the allocation of funds. I have many ideas on creating a more efficient funding board including new strategies on tracking and relocating unused funds, as well as promoting the use of the money through the Innovation Fund competition. I am passionate about keeping the funds in the hands of the students and using the money for the benefit of the campus. I would love to work with the student organizations in this role to figure out how we can be more representative of the college’s student population by funding a wide variety of events that are educational, fun, and necessary. In short, I would love the opportunity to use my developed interpersonal, organizational, and strategy building skills to create a more involved and representative student environment. Thank you!

Isaac Fadden (Class of 2018, Co-Chair Eligible) 

Hello K College!

I am writing to submit my application for the Co-Chair position on the Funding Board. As someone who took a gap year because I didn’t think college was financially worth it, I am very interested in how financial decisions are made. If selected onto the committee I will do my absolute best to assure that funding is distributed in the best manner possible. I hope you will consider my application for the board.

All the best,


Travis Hunziker (Class of 2018, Co-Chair Eligible): 

My name is Travis W. Hunziker, and I am running for a position of the Kalamazoo College Funding Board and for a Co-Chair Position in the committee. I am currently a sophomore majoring in Business and Psychology. My previous accomplishments that make me qualified for
this position would be, primarily, that I served on the former Student Commission last year and was heavily involved. I served as chairmen of the Business Committee, whose main goal was to make transparent the College’s financial standing to the student population. I also served on the President’s Community Council and on the Communication Committee. Secondly, I have experience from my time in high school dealing with funding and finances. I served as Chairman of the Fundraising Committee, Treasurer of both my schools Michigan Youth In Government and Interact Club chapters, and Student Accountant for the Student Leadership Team. These past accomplishments make me a perfect candidate to serve on the Funding Board and hold a Co-Chair Position.

Ian McKnight (Class of 2019, Co-Chair Eligible): 

The establishment of the new Funding Board this quarter is a major step toward the restoration of student-run government at Kalamazoo College. As the board gets off the ground, it will be vital to ensure that we institute a system of funding that will be not only fair and accessible, but stable and consistent. A funding board ought to be robust and even-handed, but also simple and efficient to work with from the outside, because, if we face the truth, funding is boring (unless you’re really into funding, which is totally cool!), and it should not get in the way of our students and organizations achieving their highest potential. I hope that you will join me, Ian McKnight, in helping to create the funding board that K deserves.

Andrew Parsons (Class of 2019, Co-Chair Eligible):

Student Body of Kalamazoo College,

2016 is a year of new beginnings for student activities funding; this new and vastly improved elected structure will better suit the funding needs of student organizations across campus.

New student bodies require fresh insight, which is why I, Andrew Parsons, am excited to offer my time and experience to Kalamazoo College’s Funding Board.

As a student deeply involved with communities across campus, be it The Index, Model United Nations, the Goodwill Adult Literacy Program, KCUF, or the German speaking community, I’m determined to keep the funding allocation process for student organizations smooth, accessible, responsive, and transparent for all. The communities which student organizations foster on campus help make the K experience inclusive and enriching, and therefore strong but responsible and level-headed leadership is needed to ensure that student organizations receive the funding which they require to remain fantastic.

Having previously covered the structural development of K’s new Funding Board in a series of articles for The Index last quarter, I’ve anticipated its founding and could not be more excited to deepen my involvement. Between pursuing my Economics and Computer Science majors and participating in campus’ variety, I can’t wait to help keep K great!

Thank you for your vote.

Andrew Parsons


The institution of a new Student Funding Board is an important step for the students of Kalamazoo College, and all students are encouraged to take a moment and vote this coming Friday.

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